San Francisco Annual Event Guide for Tourists

San Francisco Annual Event Guide for Tourists - African American - American Indian - Arab - Asian American - Blues - Buddhist - Cable Cars, Diesel Buses, Streetcars & Trolleys (MUNI) - Catholic - Chinese - Dance - Film Festivals - German - Hispanic / Latino - Irish - Japanese - Jewish - LGBT - Muslim - Orchid - Pacific Islander - Sailing - Sea Lions - Society - Sports - Front matter - (cont) - Muni story index - samples - Event Index - (cont)

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A Noah's Ark of Recurring Celebration: San Francisco Annual Event History - Winners of the Human Race ... San Francisco, birthplace of United Nations and 49'ers is about being real.

At least 70 of the 142 annual events are put on by non-profit groups to support non-profit causes to help others; the other 70 events help support non-profit causes.

We're a city that cares about people. San Franciscans, visitors to-and-from the Bay Area, and tourists from across the country and around the world have faith in San Francisco and what we stand for, in our good will, creativity, and diversity ...and respect San Francisco historically as a haven of social justice for immigrants fleeing war, slavery, starvation and poverty, and as the friendliest, most creative, openly diverse and welcoming city in the world.

We've historically documented that unspoken social contract, spirit and human accomplishment in a unique book about a unique city, and why it's a travel destination for pleasure seekers and business people for conventions, from around the world.